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  all proposed construction redevelopment

name   status useheight  
010xl construction residential
adrianaveste construction residential
albeda redevelopment residential
asterlo proposed residential
atlanta proposed residential 100
baan tower proposed residential 150
babel proposed residential
bay house construction residential
binnenrotte 192 redevelopment multiple
blaak 16 redevelopment office
bluecity redevelopment other
boompjes 60 68 proposed residential 110
bright construction residential 70
cobana en pisang construction residential 60
coolhaven 170 construction residential
coolsingel 75 redevelopment residential
cooltower proposed residential 150
daniel den hoed proposed
de nieuwe van vollenhoven construction residential
de provenier construction residential
de raedt redevelopment residential
de zalmhaven proposed residential 212
depot construction other 35
drukkerij arps redevelopment residential
dutch windwheel proposed residential 174
erasmus mc construction other
fenixlofts construction residential
feyenoord city proposed
floating farm proposed other
forum redevelopment multiple
glashaventoren proposed residential 103
groene kaap construction residential
hart van zuid proposed multiple
havenkwartier proposed residential
hefkwartier construction residential
hermes city plaza redevelopment residential
hofplein 19 redevelopment office
hoochlofts redevelopment residential
hoogstraat 168 redevelopment residential
hotel centraal proposed hotel 56
house of cool proposed residential
hulstkampgebouw proposed residential
kaapvaarder construction
karels redevelopment other
kleine admiraal proposed residential
leonidas construction residential
little coolhaven proposed residential
metropool proposed residential 70
molenromp delfshaven redevelopment
new york herlofts construction residential
pakhuis santos redevelopment other
pakhuismeesteren redevelopment hotel
pannekoekstraat proposed residential
parkhuis cool proposed residential 70
parkstad proposed residential
pathe schouwburgplein redevelopment other
peter stuyvesant proposed residential 150
postkantoor redevelopment multiple
rif010 proposed attraction
rotta nova proposed residential 78
scheepmakershaven 29 proposed residential
scheepmakershaven 58 proposed residential
schildertoren proposed residential 150
slaakhuys redevelopment hotel
speelstad rotterdam construction other
splinter redevelopment hotel 70
startmotor proposed residential
terraced tower proposed residential 107
the james redevelopment residential
the muse construction residential 75
the sax proposed residential 150
toren op zuid redevelopment office
tuin van noord redevelopment residential
uptown construction residential 100
weenahof redevelopment residential
weenapoint redevelopment hotel
west 399 redevelopment residential
west507 redevelopment residential
westewagenstraat proposed residential
wijnhaven 65 proposed residential 110
willemstoren construction residential
woonlofts noordsingel 185 redevelopment residential
zuiderhof proposed residential
zwembad zuid redevelopment other